Nalabothu Foundation

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is a hunger-free world free from the shackles of poverty and educational inequity. What makes our approach to this goal very unique is our sustainable method of locally sourcing food for all our feeding programs. In the future, as our organization grows, we are planning to increase the scope of our work as we expand into new cities and gain more verified volunteers.

Our Volunteer Locations (Andhra Pradhesh, India)


Door No. 27-244,

Unit #401,

Palamaner Road,

Chittoor - 517002


Door No. 15-365,

Gandhi Road,

Madanapalle - 517325


Door No. 7-106,

Madanapalli Road,

Palamaner - 517408


Rani Prameela Nagar,

Opp. Kothaindlu,

MBT Road,

Punganur - 517247


12-19 & 20,

Chittoor Road,

Pakala - 517112



Opp. Market Yard,

KGF Road,

Venkatagirikota - 517424

Become a character in our growing story...

Every volunteer matters. Learn how you can help free others from the shackles of poverty.